My dog died because of piracy
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Timmy_TPBTimmy_TPB wrote on 27 Sep 2011 19:53


I just wanted to convey my story about the effects of piracy. Me and my best buddy Spot made a series of edutainment videos on the effects of canine narcolepsy. My first video showed spot in his natural habitat (my basement), where he would occasionally fall asleep in his water bowl or even the cat's litterbox. It really made for some great video, and highlighted the urgent need for more funding for my non-profit "Dog's International - Canine's & Kitties" or DICK for short. We are a smart bunch at DICK, we have no holes in our business plan whatsoever.

Anyway, I had purchased a CD for some background music off of ebay. It was called "Mr. Winkles covers Sinatra". The cover looked legitimate, but something was wrong! Well, for some reason, spot started having an epileptic fit after hearing the music, so I took out the CD and looked at it; Mr. Winkles did not press this CD!! It was clearly an inkjet cover!. I threw it to the ground in utter disgust, when spot grabbed the CD with his mouth and swallowed half of the Mr. Winkles CD. By the time I got spot to my uncle tim's place, he was dead.

Basically, a pirated CD killed my dog.

I've got spot up on the wall now, big thanks to Chuck Testa, looks perfect!

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