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This site is dedicated to finding a workable solution to the problem of online intellectual property ("IP") theft. By "workable," we mean a solution that balances privacy rights, freedom of speech, and reasonable "net neutrality" against the rights of IP creators and owners.

Flaming each other in this forum is a waste of everybody's time. Such comments, at our discretion, will be removed and we may ban you from the site if you abuse the right to be here.

If your attitude is that you should be able to steal copyrighted material, there is really no point in your commenting here. Stealing copyrighted material is illegal in most jurisdictions. If it's legal where you liveā€”fine, have at it and leave us alone.

What this forum should be all about is reasonable people with differing viewpoints having a civil discourse. Ultimately, we believe the solutions to this problem are both legal and technical and it is those legal and technical solutions we should be constructively debating here.

Such a constructive debate should educate all of us and perhaps working together, we can find solutions that are the least offensive to all.

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Technical Solutions
Use this forum to discuss issues like ISPs engaging in deep packet inspection or URL blocking in order to interdict illegal file sharing. Both those for and those against and their reasons why are what we are after here.



Personal Stories
If you are the owner and or creator of intellectual property or work (or used to work) in a related field, how has illegal file sharing impacted your career?

27 Sep 2011 19:53 Timmy_TPB



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